Truth and Transparency

Iowans deserve to know what is happening with their tax dollars at all times. I am committed to diving in to budgets to find cost saving measures. I am also committed to shining light on government and bringing true accountability to the people’s House.

Jobs and the Economy

It is important that we do all we can to encourage job creation and business growth in Iowa. We must work to remove barriers that face entrepreneurs and small businesses to help bring growing employers and more high-quality jobs to our state.I will consistently stand firm on protecting Iowa’s right-to-work law because Iowans should have the right to choose to participate in a union. Iowa’s right-to-work law is vital to the economic development of our state.

Fiscal Responsibility

Just as Iowa families do at home, government must learn to live within its means. The government must be prudent with taxpayers’ canvas briefcase money and provide fiscal discipline when setting budgets.

I will not support budgets fake parda handbags that are balanced by adding to Iowa’s already overly burdensome taxes.  This includes any attempt to eliminate the largest income tax replica handbagsContent. deduction for nearly every middle class Iowan - federal deductibility.